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 Hunters Unite

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PostSubject: Hunters Unite   Wed Oct 21, 2009 12:49 pm

Hunters Unite

Hunters Unite is a Monster Hunter Roleplay Forum. One of the most advanced forums with over 5 different systems so far.

You are a Hunter, though you are an ordinary human, you are in a world full of vast jungles, large volcanoes, and incredibly powerful beasts. You, the hunter must use all your equipment, weapons, and armor to slay these beasts. Raise comrades that are small humanoid cat like creatures, they are always by your side, even against the toughest of beasts, such as the Lao Shang Lung, Shen Goaren, Kirin, and even the Legendary Fatalis.

New systems have been added, and will be updated on a regular basis, Such as the Zenny system: Every time you post, or complete a quest, you will be rewarded with a type of currency known as Zenny. If you want to make armor or weapons, you must have a certain amount of Zenny to create that item.

Armor, and weapons stat system allowing you to keep track of your different armor stats, resistances, and skills.

New feature added:

Trading Market:

The trading market is a new area allowing people trade their items, armors, and weapons to other players for their Zenny. You may even host auctions on your equipment, or trade equipment for other equipment

Choose your weapons, your armor, and work your way to becoming one of the most well known hunters around!
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Hunters Unite
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