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 Jin Suigetsu

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Jin Suigetsu

Jin Suigetsu

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PostSubject: Jin Suigetsu   Jin Suigetsu I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 27, 2009 8:01 pm

Basic Character Info

Name: Jin Suigetsu

Age: 527

Visual Age: 20

Gender: Male

Division: none (Rogue if possible)

Appearance: Jin Suigetsu Ryuzak11

Personality: Jin is very cold,quiet, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they ever get in his way.Jin refers to anyone he sees as weak as 'boring'.Despite this, he is not particularly violent, unlike most of the shinigami around him he will only fight when provoked.Overtime being with Urahara has dulled his personality greatly.Jin stills refers to the weak as "boring" and still only fights when provoked.He has now become less quiet,less cold,and more open with people.

Background/RP Sample

Background:Jin was a human for long,him and his parents were killed only 15 years after he was born in the human world with a rich family that lived in the most elite place in the town but always hung around the lesser population and always as he had done the same in secret. Jin had stayed out to long and his parents were killed by a hollow as he sat there and watched as a shinigami named Aizen came around and killed the hollow. He took Jin back to his house and left him in the care of a old woman named Kikiyo who he soon found out was his grandmother luckily.He worked at the manor with Kikiyo but working would not be the only thing he did for Kikiyo herself was a highly excelled swordsman and she trained Jin in the art of zanjutsu,which is the shinigami fighting swordstyle.A day after that Kikiyo and Aizen began to talk,Jin had overheard the conversation and it seemed that Kikiyo and Aizen were leaving and left Jin in a lonely quiet house that was still small in comparison to the Kuchiki Household but that didn’t last for long as Jin was kidnappened by a unoticed shinigami while Kikiyo and Aizen were gone.The person who took Jin was a outcast whom soul society had been searching for for quite some time.The outcast dragged Jin into an open forest and had then knocked him unconscious,not long after,Kikiyo had come to the scene in search of Jin.Kikiyo was aware of what had happened right after the shinigami Aizen attacked her when they first left.A battle insued between Kikiyo and the outcast who was then revealed to be Aizen himself,the one Kikiyo had killed before was nothing more than a mere illusion set by Aizen's sword "Kyouka Suigetsu" but Kikiyo had seen through the illusion prematurely and defeated Aizen flawlessly. Jin had awokened to the scene to find that Kikiyo had won but as a last resort just when Kikiyo was about to deliver the final blow Aizen quickly grabbed Jin and held him up as a shield as Kikiyo unknowingly had killed Jin.The final look that Jin gave Kikiyo was that of sheer hatred for shinigami as his soul became bound to the world by hate,anger and sadness.Jin then was then on the verge of becoming a hollow because his intense hatred and also newly developed a completely diffrent persona of the world.His new life as a soul started in the human world and shortly in Soul Society where he lived in the mid section of rukon for sometime.As time progressed Jin did indeed become a captin class shinigami residing in Soul society because of his talent and status amongst the rukon.As the years passed in Soul Society,Jin then dissapeared without a trace and returned to the human world.The reason for his leaving was only because he found out the truth about what really happened to him that night.Regaining his sanity back,Jin's personality also returned to the way it use to be before the incident on that night.Overtime while seeking refuge in the world of the living Jin came across an exile who was "Urahara Kisuke" an exile from Soul Society.He spent most of his time with Urahara causing them to become good friends,partners,as well as helping Jin regain his trust for shinigami.Despite the fact that Jin is working with Urahara he is a shinigami.Because of how close Jin and Urahara have become,he often finds himself being dragged into shinigami affairs believing Urahara to think that Jin could really be good if he wanted to.Urahara and Jin currently reside in Karakura town in the Urahara shop.

RP Sample: Time in the real world was always limited. For as much as he could comfortably lurk in the populace of Karakura, the urge to cause a myriad of destruction was nearly too great. If it weren't for current restrictions,Jin would have freely torn apart the semblance of peace that blanketed the humans below. Give some hell to the oblivious Shinigami.

'They're getting off lucky today.' He sneered in thought.

Regardless, there was no use sitting and staring at the very souls he wanted to slaughter. Teasing himself was like indulging in his favorite kind of masochism. Thankfully, he was a sadist.

Zanpakutō Information

Name: Nejibana(Screw Flower)

Release Phrase: Shikai:Rankle the Seas and Surge through the Skies
Bankai:Iminami Nejibana(Tsunami Screw Flower)

Element/Family: Water

Manifestation: Jin Suigetsu Animeg10

Sealed Zanpakuto: Jin Suigetsu Sf624310

Shikai: Jin Suigetsu Nejiba10

Shikai Ability:Nejibana's shikai command is "Rankle the Seas and Surge through the Skies".Jin holds Nejibana upside down and begins to twirl it in his hands as it glows, transforming into a cross between a trident and a Chinese halberd with a crystalline appearance. Like the regular trident, it bears a horsehair tassel, although it is blue instead of the traditional red; similarly the two side blades are straight with concave edges as opposed to the usual crescent blade. The end of Nejibana turns into a corkscrew/drill shape. Water flows freely from both the trident and the end.Nejibana's ability lies in the manipulation of water. Being hit with it is reminiscent of being hit by crashing waves, as water constantly flows from it and the surrounding area. Nejibana's tip is constantly flowing with water with every arc and slash, and each crushing blow creates large waves.

[Bankai applies only for Captains, Advanced Vice Captains and Elite Vaizards]

Bankai: Jin Suigetsu Sitar10

Bankai Ability: After uttering “Bankai”,Jin waves his sword in a circle around in the air creating a ripple.Out of this ripple a storm cloud will open above Jin and bring down rain and lighting upon him and dissapear,after this has ended Jin now has absolute control over water as well as the temperature of it.Jin can easily turn water into a frozen substance or easily melt and burn away anything in his way.Jin's bankai is a major upscaled version of shikai.Jin no longer has use of his trident after saying bankai since it dissapears afterwards,he uses his new weapon called a "Sitar" to control the flow of water.To control freezing water Jin plays highnotes on the Sitar,to control fire hot water Jin plays lownotes.Jin is often seen using his bankai in masses in order to obliterate his opponents on the spot.


Name: Drown,Nejibana
State: Shikai
Description: By saying this Jin can send a pressurized torrent of water at whoever is in the line of attack.
Duration and/or cooldown: Cooldown:2

Name: Waterwall
State: Both
Description: Nejibana's defensive skill,it creates a highly condensed wall of water around Jin to defend against an oncoming attack.

Name: Surge,Nejibana
Description:In combination with the 'Waterwall" technique,if an attack is reflected sucessfully this attack will counterattack with 3 consectuive crescent shaped blast of water.
Duration and/or cooldown: Cooldown: 4

Name: Shuuha(Wave)
State: Bankai
Description: The true form of Nejibana is seemingly created by the water in his blood cells, which glows and turns into spiritual energy, mixing with the tiny flowers. This unites the water molecules into complete glowing blue flowers, numbering in the thousands, that form four rows. These rows float just above the other, and circle around Jin and his opponent in a continuously moving, column-like array. It abandons defense in favor of a concentrated offense. Though visually menacing, this form is not meant for attack from all sides; rather, it is to concentrate his power into fewer flowers, thus increasing his attack power. While Jin can mentally control these swords as he does his regular blades, he commonly calls them to his hands for actual melee combat. When in his hand, they lose their glow, and take the form of his sealed Zanpakuto. While they seem solid in this state, the swords can just as easily dissipate back into the multitude of flowers that they are made of. It seems to take fewer blows from a Shuuha blade to gravely injure an opponent than the multiple cuts needed from the unfocused Bankai. The Shuuha also cages himself with his enemy, allowing neither combatant to move very far from each other, though the area is still large enough for maneuverability. The most effective use of the Shuuha form is that it allows for use of all the swords at the same attack level, making it highly versatile as a way to effectively defeat an enemy unaware of the danger of the situation.

Name: Shoutaku
State: Bankai
Description: This creates a spherical formation of over 1 million tiny water molecule fragments in the shape of flowers, which swirl around the opponent like a cloud. The flowers bloom and then blast the opponent from every possible angle with highly pressurized water, leaving no blind spots and no possibility to escape unless you counter with a stronger defense or stronger offense. It then collapses on itself, obliterating everything in range.This attack is strong enough to gravely injure Jin himself if he is anywhere in range of this attack.Despite Jin's control of water not even himself can be protected.
Duration and/or cooldown: Cooldown:Can only be used once

Name: Unabara(Neptune Geyser)
State: Bankai
Description: This is Jin's most powerful and concentrated technique,he combines all his reiatsu,water,and a quantity of his blood into this attack.His sitar glows a harsh blue and stays this way until the attack is over.During this attack Jin also gains an aesthetic crown around his head.When Jin is ready to release the attack he will explode in a watery explosion devastating anything in a 20 mile radius completely in water.
Duration and/or cooldown: Cooldown:Can only be used once
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PostSubject: Re: Jin Suigetsu   Jin Suigetsu I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 27, 2009 8:18 pm

Well History is a no no mainly because Aizen was dead long before the story line and your bankai seems alright just don't think you can use a shikai that had existed before.
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PostSubject: Re: Jin Suigetsu   Jin Suigetsu I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 27, 2009 8:46 pm

umm in bleach they say that swords reappear from time to time like with toshiros sword
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PostSubject: Re: Jin Suigetsu   Jin Suigetsu I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 27, 2009 10:59 pm

Waterwall needs a cool down. Also remove heating the water, it can be labeled a dual element which is prohibited with your current setup.preperation times are also required for shoutaku n unabara.along with senjus history concern, update what I mentioned above n it will be good
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PostSubject: Re: Jin Suigetsu   Jin Suigetsu I_icon_minitime

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Jin Suigetsu
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