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 Manami Kozuou (WIP)

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PostSubject: Manami Kozuou (WIP)   Manami Kozuou (WIP) I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 10, 2009 4:32 pm

Basic Character Info

Name: Manami Kozuou (Mah-Nah-Me Ko-zoo-ooh.)

Age: 500

Visual Age: 19

Gender: Female.

Division: Tenth.


Manami Kozuou (WIP) Coolsilveranimegurlprettyful


Manami is cool and distant. She has a tendency of keeping to herself, only allowing a certain few know her true feelings and thoughts. She talks in “slang” and swears as a habit, something left over from life in the Rukongai. When she shows her true feelings and thoughts she is like a completely different person.

She smiles, she laughs, she talks loudly.

Some are shocked that such a cold person could utter the words:

“OMIGAWD!! LOOK A BUNNY! It's soooo kaaawwaaaiiiii~”

...Very shocking indeed.

Manami likes to sing, and has the habit of making up songs when she's bored. She's a good drinker, and can hold her alcohol pretty well, and she prefers sake to hard liquor. She likes the rain, she can sit and watch it for hours at a time. She's a quiet person naturally, though not shy in the least. But she prefers silence to constant talking. She'll use sarcasm when extremely annoyed, and though her annoyance rarely shows though her indifferent mask, the mar in her polite tone.

She like candy but hates chocolate.

Background/RP Sample


RP Sample:

Zanpakutō Information

Name: Aisu Hyouzan

Release Phrase: Hyouketsu, Aisu Hyouzan

Element/Family: Ice.


Manami Kozuou (WIP) Ghost

Sealed Zanpakuto:

Manami Kozuou (WIP) YWMavN6WcQNjsye


Manami Kozuou (WIP) Blade_of_Lost_Gods

Shikai Ability:

In Shikai speed is increase twice the normal rate. Ground around Manami will freeze, but only where her feet touch.

Bankai Name: Touketsu Aisu Hyouzan

Bankai Appearance:

Manami Kozuou (WIP) Elf_anime

Manami Kozuou (WIP) 14908abd2ca2f5

Bankai Ability:

In Bankai speed increases ten fold from the Shikai rate, strength and enderance are also increased.

Manami's clothes will change and frost appears on her body. Her skin is icy to the touch, though she feels nothing.

The ground in a ten metre radius will freeze upon release.





Duration and/or cooldown:




Duration and/or cooldown:




Duration and/or cooldown:
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Manami Kozuou (WIP)
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