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 Lost Quintessence

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PostSubject: Lost Quintessence   Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:20 pm


Five races.
Three factions.
One battle-torn universe.

Lost Quintessence xx
an original fantasy
j o i n x t h e x b a t t l e

The people on the world of Quintessence were getting restless. Four races -- each with very different values and lifestyle -- are too many for a small planet, especially when the world is segregated. Together, three races attacked the fourth, driving it nearly to extinction. But the fighting is not over yet.

When a supercomputer takes over the minds of a group of humans, the world is sent into chaos. Those controlled by the computer -- the exo-humans -- begin hunting down a second people, seeking their extermination. Battle breaks out both for and against the exo-humans -- some wanting to stop the genocide, some wanting only glory, some simply trying to protect their own -- and the armies began to recruit.

Who would you be? Blastonian or Leonal, one of an ancient race driven to the brink of destruction? Hume-Leonal or Human, looking to serve your own cause? Or Exo-Human, a victim of the Omega Server, carrying out the orders of a computer that has been waging war for over 50 years?

Who would you fight for? The Omega Server, seeking to destroy all? The Paladins, looking to protect their own? Or the Resistance, fighting only to stop the war?

The choice belongs to you.

Lost Quintessence;
find your essence.

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Lost Quintessence
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