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 Bleach Edge

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PostSubject: Bleach Edge   Bleach Edge I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2009 11:40 am

Bleach Edge Bleach11

400 Years Have passed from the Great War between Shinigami and Hollows,the battle ended with a draw but the battle was so intence that it collapsed Soul Society and Hueco Mundo killing most of the living ones inside the dimensions.But some chain reaction was created between hollows and Quincy now they have fused and have created a compleatly new kind of creatures,wich are called the Tricolaroious.But with Hueco Mundo And Soul Society Also The Karakura Town wich was hidden between those worlds was collapsed.Most of the Humans were saved and their memories erased as they began to create a new Civilization,now even more time has passed and they have reached the time where The shinigamis are Hidden in the Secret forest and the Tricolaroious compleatly at unknown places prepearing for another war to revenge their ancestors who were totally wiped out.Now Once again the Humans are in middle of their battle field not knowing what danger is really surrounding them!

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Bleach Edge
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