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 Arrancar Dynasty

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PostSubject: Arrancar Dynasty   Arrancar Dynasty I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 4:09 pm

Arrancar Dynasty 10prqtt

The Plot:
The world of the dead has been thrown into chaos. Three Arrancar overthrew Aizen and his subordinates, taking control of the Arrancar and hollows alike. These three Arrancar built a strategy that allowed them to take over the Soul Society, flushing the Shinigami out. The Shinigami were forced to take refuge underground in the Rukongai. They will occasionally send spies and raid parties into the Seiretei, but in actuality they are biding their time until they are able to start another war with the Arrancar to regain control of their home. Seeing that not even the entire force of the Shinigami army would be enough to take on the Arrancar, they called upon the 12th division to do them a huge favor. The 12th division went into hiding for hundreds of years, and when they came back the favor they were asked of was completed. They had revived the Quincy race, and sent them to the world of the living where they could rebuild their race and live life as they once had. The shinigami promised not to interfere as long as the Quincy promised to help them when the time came.

Since the Arrancar took power it seems that more and more plus souls are being left behind in the world of the living, as the Shinigami can only enter the world of the living every so often with their makeshift gate. This also means that there have been more and more hollows roaming around. Due to the increase in souls living in the world of the living, mainly Karakura Town, Superhumans have begun to spring up more and more often. The Vaizard's whereabouts are unknown to any but themselves. It seems that they have returned to their life of solitude, possibly training and building up their kind in preperation for the massive war.
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Arrancar Dynasty
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