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 Ending a Tyrant

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Ending a Tyrant Empty
PostSubject: Ending a Tyrant   Ending a Tyrant I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2009 3:37 pm

(i will explain what happens THE FULL story and what led up to this in a later post.. and eventually ill make it 3rd person.. but for now its a narrative)

One guard, twenty yards at a forty-five degree angle of depression from the third story of the corporate building across the street. I brace myself by the elbow and close my not quite magnified eye and-- Bang.

No guards on the ground floor but I have approximately two minutes to make it downstairs, out of the building and across the street. Through the double doors and past a taxi that gets way too close for my tastes. And through the second double doors into the other corporate building while the confusion makes me invisible.

I dove into the elevator where the key is now beeping loudly and I make my way up as high as I can go. Mentally I counted the floors ‘Thirty-three. Thirty-four. Thirty-five. Thir- ..or not…’ they cut the power. So, through the maintenance hatch at the top I went, before they unleash a flurry storm of bullets and turn the elevator into a cheese-grater.

Drop the thirteen ounces of cyclotrimethylene trinitramine and the detonator into the elevator before cutting the ballast. Then off I go; I'm soaring by nothing but the strongest little rope you've ever seen and then below me my desires gave life, a huge explosion, ripping its way through at least 5 floors instantly before fuming up like a raging dragon, rampaging the elevator shaft.

My hearing returns shortly after as the rope stops once I get to the top floor, where I unload one MP5 into the doors before attempting to open the doors by force. ‘Ding~’ the bell sounded as the automatic doors slid open, and he's standing in the door, the chief of police, my mentor. With a Thirty-Eight Special tightly grasped in his hand pointed at my heart while I hang by one arm from a rope in an elevator shaft. “Not your most well thought out idea; Huh?” he said as he began to pull the trigger, sweat dripping from my forehead. From nervous and exhaustion, my emotions varied. Just as he looked like he came to terms with what he was doing a shot rang out, I closed my eyes, sure I didn’t want to see what happened.
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Ending a Tyrant
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