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 Saito's moves

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Saito Ryuhako
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Saito Ryuhako

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PostSubject: Saito's moves   Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:07 pm

Name: Infinite Blade Dance
State: Bankai (Or Shikai in certain conditions)
Description: Using the many swords available to him in Bankai, he will wield as many of them possible (6-10) by all using parts of his body like his elbow or arm pit and spin around becoming a human buzz-saw in the process.
Duration and/or cooldown: None, None.

Name: Infinite Blade War
State: Bankai
Description: While Saito holds of his blades he will form reiatsu shells around all of them and fire them off simultaneously, which will disturb spirit particles, making any form of hoho near-impossible as well as damaging the opponent.
Duration and/or cooldown: None, 8 Post Cooldown

Name: Demon Ox
State: All
Description: Saito holds his blade and focuses himself for a moment before he attacks.His reiatsu will take the silhouette of a giant ox behind him after which it envelops him while he kicks forward, performing a manual shunpo using his own raw power and this attack is capable of piercing even seki seki, though only the blade can pierce which makes this useless for demolition.
Duration and/or cooldown: None, 5 Post Cooldown

Name: 36/72/108/360 Caliber Impact
State: All
Description: Saito will focus his body and grab his blade with both hands, he will then swing it with all of his raw force making a blast of wind from his own strength and as it increases in number it increases in power becoming like a cannon.
Duration and/or cooldown: None, 2/3/4/5 Post Cooldown respectively
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Saito's moves
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