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 Memories past, A GRAVE ON SOKYOKU HILL?!?

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PostSubject: Memories past, A GRAVE ON SOKYOKU HILL?!?   Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:23 pm

Yakura slowly walked up the massive stairs. His Haori, placed in the epic spot on his right shoulder tied in place by a small chain, flapped in the wind that generated the higher he went up. His black boots clanking on the stone as he took each step. The rubbing noise that the two scythes made as he walked and they shifted as if to cry in agony. His very mind set upon one goal and one alone. This goal no matter how simple it would seem to some was an adventure all its own to him. His add ninja getup was famous among those who knew of the Onmitsukido. The name by which most knew him also haunted his thoughts. It wasn't that he minded being called this or rather didn't care. The main fact that he had a subtle problem with was these people didn't bother to learn his name. He reached the top of the staircase and started over to a small headstone protruding from the ground. It had little writing on it and Yakura knew it by heart. He got to the stone, stared for a moment, and knelt down on one knee. As his right knee hit the ground it made a rather large thud-like sound from the metal hitting the dirt. His right hand now resting on his right leg he pulled out a small box from the inside of his robe. He placed it gently in front of the stone and started to speak in a soft tone.

"I did it. I finally got the captain spot you told me I couldn't. I knew this would make you happy. I also know you are frowning on me for killing all of those people in my past. But that is why I became a Captain, to help people and make you proud. I just wish that SHE would understand like Mother did. And no matter how much you try and convince me I will always blame myself fr what happened."

He smiled for a moment and opened the box. The contents were unmistakable, a small pin with the Initials D.R.S. on the back, and a small ring with the initials L.E.S. engraved under the stone. He let it sit there for several moments open and free. Then Yakura did what no one would expect, took his hood and mask off. His face now revealed so that the handsome features felt the natural soul air. He put the box back in his robe after shutting it and gt up. His long brown hair now fluttered in the wind on the same course of his Haori. They moved in almost perfect unison as if Choreographed to look that way. Everything was perfect, then after several moments of staring off in to the horizon looking at the whole of Seireitei he put his hood and mask back on. It took him less than a second to turn and face the stairs. He raised his right hand as if to wave goodbye to someone behind him as he spoke in the same voice he did before.

"Goodbye, and don't worry, I got things covered on this end."

He was almost to the steps by now when his mind's voice said one word. 'Dad.' He started down the stairs intending to head right for the barracks of squad two.
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Memories past, A GRAVE ON SOKYOKU HILL?!?
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