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One might wonder how such a great thing like the Soul Society functions with little problems. At least as far as little problems go for a city like place. For the most part peace reigns and roams free. It is a place to be where you may walk unarmed without fear, and you know you are protected at all times. Do not get lost in this illusion though. Peace is a lie, as shown time and time again. The illusion of peace is cast upon those affected by war after it ends, but it never lasts. Our prayers, our desires and wants are never granted. We may beg and plead, but nobody is listening. Even the great Soul Society is a place where this illusion may be cast. If anything such a place is the most vulnerable as we are about to see…

For over a thousand years the Captain-Commander ruled over the Gotei 13 with honesty, a level head, and a strong spirit. He lead his men into battle without fear and with great skill. He was a master tactician if not anything else. Loved and feared by the Captains, and cheered for by those he protected, he drove his sword through any who should seek to bring harm to his beloved Soul Society. All thought he could do no wrong, but it was he who had cast this illusion of peace upon all. He who sought to lure all into a false sense of security, and this shame haunted and ate him for as long as he could remember.

Upon a meeting of all Divisions he released his horrible secret to all realizing that he could not hold this information from them. He pleaded for mercy and for forgiveness. He said that he had no choice, that it was needed to ensure the peace that they relished in. The Captains and their squads did not see it as such though. After learning that their beloved Captain-Commander had been leaking their secrets, their strengths and weaknesses to the Arrancar ties became thin and the air was tense at all times now. The Captains found themselves questioning other Captains, bringing up things from hundreds of years ago, or calling them out on the slightest of slipups. The Squads found themselves questioning each other and their captains. Nobody trusted anybody. Everybody went from friend, brother, sister, family to enemy, traitor, and liar in a matter of minuets. Things were never the same. This was kept up for about one hundred years before anybody actually did anything.

It started with the 11th Division. The Captain spoke out his disliking of the Captain-Commander and how he felt all have betrayed the Soul Society, it spread to the 2nd Division claiming that the 11th Division was corrupt in it’s ways by forsaking the other arts of the Shinigami. The 6th Division retorted by pointing out the fact that they relied of stealth to secretly kill, while a Shinigami should do it facing their opponent with honor. Soon all of the Gotei 13 were at each other’s throats. No one was safe and Civil War broke out. The Soul Society their battle ground it seemed Bankais and Shikais ruled the place. The Captain-Commander was the first to fall for his treachery, this much the rest of the Captains could agree upon. They killed him quickly and then turned upon each other, each wanting to rule and each not trusting the other. Some Captains even turned upon their own squads killing their lieutenants and their seated officers. Nobody was safe, nobody. Members of the 4th Division even joined in the fighting, killing each other and killing whoever they could.

Soul Society was set ablaze, figuratively and literally. Meanwhile, the Arrancar, with their new information, were preparing to attack. They gathered what Hollow and Arrancar they could as they prepared to leave. They were eager to finally kill and be rid of the Shinigami. They would have their victory and bathe in the blood of their fallen foes. The Captain-Commander though was not so stupid as to allow them to do this. He had made earlier arrangements that should he die the Superhumans and the Bountos would defend the Soul Society with his Shinigami. They lived up to this and were allowed access into the Soul Society where they waited for the attack. The Shinigami were severely weakened at this point having lost their Captain-Commander and three other Captains, putting them down to only nine captains.

It was not long before the cloak of night fell, and the Arrancar dropped upon the Shinigami. The Bounto surprised them with their dolls, and the Superhumans cut off their only exit. As stated before, peace is an illusion and even though the Shinigami seemed peaceful for this time attacks against each other still went on. They merely pinned the blame on the Arrancar. After years of fighting the Arrancar’s forces were beaten and they were forced back to their home. The Shinigami were virtually gone, and the Bountos and Superhumans were looking for more. The Bountos wanted to chance the Arrancar and finish what they had started, the Superhumans did not wish to. They had learned the reason the Soul Society was in a state of panic. They wanted nothing to do with the Shinigami, believing that their entire race were liars and traitors. The Shinigami tried to convince them otherwise, but they would not listen. The Shinigami want peace restored and they have ceased fighting amongst each other. The diverse feelings and desires led to their ties being weakened severely to the point where the slightest thing could set them off.

All the races are set on edge now. The Vizards having sat back and watched from afar, and the Quincy wanting nothing to do with the Soul Society or the Arrancar, though they wished that each would kill each other. Everything is on thin ice and the slightly wrong movement could throw everyone into a state of war. Even now, a thousand years later with new leaders, new followers, new thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and desires. The ground they all walk on is shaky and threatens to break at any moment. What will happen? Will war reign over all, or will the illusion of peace take over for a short while?


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