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PostSubject: FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST   FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2009 2:59 am

Are YOU Interested In Fullmetal Alchemist?!

If the answer is YES then keep on reading!

If it's no, then delete this message and act as if it never came

Well, my fellow Fullmetal fans, do I have news for you? As of today I hereby announce that the brand new FMA RPG Forum, 'Modern Day Alchemist', has been completed and released to the public!

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Moderndayalchemistbanner

Wait! affraid There's more!

Because we are brand new on the market, we don't have many staff support beams so we are in dire need of staff to help our site grow! Thus, there are several staff positions open at the moment that you might wanna apply for!
Admin applications: http://moderndayalchemist.web-rpg.org/admin-applications-f6/admin-application-template-t4.htm
Mod Applications: http://moderndayalchemist.web-rpg.org/moderator-applications-f5/mod-application-template-t3.htm

Now, our site is advanced and well organized, so we would highly appreciate it if you are given admin rights that you do not mess anything up, since we don't want our site to be a mess because of your untrustworthy behavior. This site is worth the tender care it was given, after all.

So, tell me, are you interested in this fantastic site?!

If so, then Resgister Today!!
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