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 A Beautiful Gift

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PostSubject: A Beautiful Gift   Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:52 pm

Amulet of Shiva

The Amulet of Shiva is a magical stone, in the shape of a diamond, which is being grasped by a golden, scaly, dragon-like claw. The claw has four talons, one for each compass direction-north, east, south, west- with the claws digging so far into the stone that it actually has small cracks spanning out form the claws. While it is cracked, it is also extremely resilient, and it is said that the amulet would only break under the force of an attack as powerful as a Captain's Ban Kai, though it would hardly ever be struck. The amulet itself is tied to a chain formed out of spiritual pressure, like the pluses' spirit chain except not nearly as thick. The gem itself is a dark blue color, though when the light hits it just right it appears to bear violet ripples spanning out from the center of it.

The Amulet of Shiva is a way for Delz to properly store his spiritual energy. The gem itself is actually the manifestation of his condensed spiritual energy. Every night he will force as much spiritual pressure as possible into the small gem, creating a storehouse for extra power. This means that with each new day the amulet is restored. It contains enough spiritual pressure to restore up to three fourths of his maximum spiritual energy every day, though once it is drained in a topic, or chain of topics if they happen in the same day, it can't be used again until the next topic somehow states or implies that it is a new day.

Thanks for the Christmas present, much appreciated =3

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A Beautiful Gift
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