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 War Torn - A custom Bleach RP

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War Torn - A custom Bleach RP Empty
PostSubject: War Torn - A custom Bleach RP   War Torn - A custom Bleach RP I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 28, 2009 12:31 pm

War Torn - A custom Bleach RP Untitl10

War Torn

A new bleach roleplay site. A whole new storyline, new areas, as well as creatures lurking in the shadows..


Gateway System
Currency System
Shadow Reapers

After the long, and agonizing battle with the Arrancar, and Aizen. The Soulreapers were finally successful, in defeating Aizen, and bringing peace back to the land once again. The last of the arrancar fled, and went into hiding, deep within the Menos Forest, for years. The Shinigami lived in peace as well, for quiet some time, they performed normal missions, watching over the world of the living, and began having festivals, due to the peace in the land. However, with Hueco Mundo still around, the Shinigami must always be on their toes, and be ready for any attack. Ichigo, the hero of the soul society, died of a strange occurrence. The soul society began performing researches, trying to figure out what had killed a soul, as powerful as himself, with such ease. After almost a year of research, nothing had appeared, so the Shinigami gave up. Unknowingly, after defeating Aizen, they had actually awoken his final plan, which was to destroy the Hueco Mundo, Soul Society, and the human world, with a giant collision of all the dimensions. Long, Long ago in the past, during the era of the first soul reaper, there was a beast known as the "Dimension God". The god had control over many different dimensions, granting specific life, and taking life, all at its own will. In the Shinigami books, it is said that the death of this god, was what fed the soul reapers their power, allowing them to expand to a giant, well known society. Though the history, which everyone believed in, was wrong. The power of the soul reaper remains unknown, though what how they had all thought the Dimension God was just a myth, or fairytale, or that it was put to death long ago, by the first ever soul reaper. The Dimension God, was not dead, but instead, he was sealed, within a chamber, located deep, deep under the soul society, allowing the Soul Society to constantly feed off its power. Aizen managed to find a path, leading to that chamber, that has been hidden for years on end. Entering the chamber, even he had a hard time standing, due to the spiritual power of the beast sealed away. Aizen performed a forbidden Kido around the chamber, that was set to go off, if he ever died, releasing the beast.

After Aizens death, the grounds of the soul society began shaking terribly. As Yamamoto watched from above, he knew exactly what was going on, and it wasn't good. The god, who was once again awoken, moved towards the center of the universe, between the Human World, and the Soul society, right beneath the Dangai, and began feeding off the Dangai, in hopes to restore the power it once had. The Dangai, acting as a bridge, holding the human world, and the soul society together, began shrinking in size. Instead of the Dangai breaking off, what it had actually began doing, was pulling the Soul Society, and the Human world together, causing a grand collision between the Human World, Soul Society, and the Hueco Mundo, destroying them all, which was Aizens final plans. The Soul Society, as well as the Vizards, Quincy, and Super Humans, all knew that if this beast wasn't stopped, it would cause the end to them all. The Soul Reapers requested all the back up they could, accepting any help on defeating the beast. As they all rushed towards the battle, to hope to stop the beast, the Soul Reapers, and Vizards realized, that their Zanpakuto were not harming the beast in any way. Yamamoto quickly explained, about a legend, that the Zanpakuto the soul reapers used, were actually made of the power of this beast, just greatly decreased, per Zanpakuto. Though one thing that was noticeable, was the fact that the Zanpakuto's still distracted the beast, and annoyed it, because of the large amount of them, over the rest of the races. With a quick flash, the beast had sent a giant blast of Reiryoku directed towards the soul society, large enough to wipe out the entire society in a single wipe. Yamamoto, and the captains of squad 12, and 11, defended what they could of the soul society, with their large amounts of Reiryoku, though they managed to save 6 sections of the soul society, 4 sections were completely destroyed, and the other 3 took a heavy hit of dark Reiryoku, causing it to fuse with them, and making that section of the soul society disconnect from the rest, falling under the Soul Society, somewhat like it was shadowing it. Ignoring the damage being done, all the races began pulling together, to destroy the beast, before it had a chance to do any more damage. The soul reapers readied, and fired the Kido Canon, getting a direct shot to the chest of the beast, though by doing so, it only caused the god to fall back, landing on the human world. After it had landed on the human world, it began attacking mindlessly, reacting to the hit it took from the Kido Canon. This was the last opportunity they had against the god. Landing in the human world, it created such a huge impact, that it disrupted the motion of the moon, as well as the clouds, and the atmosphere of the earth, which created a deadly war grounds, that is now known as Grounds Of The Fallen.

Many soul reapers, and humans died during this part of the battle, though few Vizards, and Quincies. After the battle had been taking place for a long period of time, a race, the soul reapers had thought went extinct long ago showed up, the Bounts. They attempted to aid the reapers, and everyone else in destroying, or sealing the god once again, before they were all destroyed. Just as the battle began tensing up, things only got better on the Soul Reapers end, when a strange group of people appeared. Though they wore similar outfits as the Soul Reapers, and carried what looked like Zanpakuto's, they called themselves the "Shadow Reapers". A race that now shadows the Soul Society, created from the Dimension God himself. When the Shadow Reapers appeared, they were quick to move, and had great teamwork, quickly damaging the Dimension God from different spots. Just as the god began weakening, he began feeding off the soul particles, similar to a hollow, though the god took in large enough quantities, to heal itself. Yamamoto decided there was only 1 thing left to do, and that was to reveal the actual ability of the Ryujin Jakka. The reason he didn't kill the Dimension God before, was because it would require him to sacrifice himself. But now that the soul society has populated, and is an important place in the universe, he can not let it all be destroyed so easily. Releasing his Zanpakuto, the flames surrounded the entire field, though not hurting the other species, it only hurt the God. After saying a few incantations, the flames began turning a white color, and the heat of the flames cooled down greatly. Before anyone knew it, the flames covered the Dimension God, from head to toe, quickly discintigrating him, destroying him at a fast pace, as well as Yamamoto slowly fading away, from using so much Reiryoku, he couldn't keep himself alive anymore after using it.

Years after the battle, the Soul Society dropped down to 6 Divisions, due to half of the society being destroyed. The Soul Reapers began looking at the Shadow Reapers as enemy's, causing a small war between the reapers to start. Until this day, they remain in this small war, though some reapers remain neutral. Vizards have learned the key to extended hollow masks, and the Shadow Reapers society has been born.
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War Torn - A custom Bleach RP
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