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 Hey there, Shourisha's here :P

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PostSubject: Hey there, Shourisha's here :P   Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:53 pm

Hi there everyone. I'm a new member at the site as you see this is my third post, already made my character Razz

Well My name is Victor, Shourisha means Victor so yea... Anywho. I was born in Montreal, Quebec. So I'm like some type of French Canadian. I'm Polish as well (My family is Polak so in a way it makes me polak I guess?) Anywho yea. I joined the site today and thought I should make this as a weay to introduce myself to the members around here. For now, I'm just gonna be talking about myself seeing as I don't often do it and since this is a introductions page Razz

Well I went to a French school for like 7 Years, and now I go to a English school. I get like straight 80%-100% on all my tests so I'm not failing at this school Razz Did I mention that my class has like a Fan Club about me 0.o? Well you might be sitting on your chair, couch or whatever and think that I'm making everything up as I go along so I could fit in more or something but I assure you that I'm not, it's up to you whatever you believe me. Anywho back to me. Me, I'm the funny Tank guy, though others view me as a Emo Kid sometimes Razz I used to be Emo, not all poser type where all I do is cut myself (which I did, it was like a stress reliever) but more like the sentimental type. Lots of stories lol. I actually ran away from home for like 5 hours as I really didn't want to go to school and got lost in the forest at winter and fell into like a tiny rivine where I couldn't get out until I used my brain, What the hell am I doing out here?!That's what I meant by using my brain lol. Yea, anywho. There was a search for me, police included Razz But one of my friends from class was driving somewhere and they saw me walking on the side walk towards home without my shoes on or socks (lost them somewhere xP) They offered to pick me up, but for some strange reason I said No, that its just a few kilometers away from here. My legs were cold, wet, numb and I felt like I couldn't even move them anymore. But yea, eventually got home, which was like a hour walking there.

I got suspended at the French school for like kicking a girl but I wanted her to shut up as she was bugging me... a lot. It was at a Christmas concert when I was like 9 lol. At the English school which was a lot more recent, I beat the crap out of 4 people as they were calling me names. They were calling me names for like 6 days, the first 4 days weren't that bad thought ti would go away eventually. Fifth day It was getting on my nerves and on the 6th day I just kicked their ass's. First guy, hit his back 3 times, following the next guy, full power punch to the stomach and flipped him unto the ground. Then I proceeded to class then there were two other guys and they called me names then I slammed one of them to a locker as hard as I could and the other one I was on him chocking him. Then I got suspended for a day lol. Im amazed my family didn't get a lawsuit or anything 0.o I also had like 2 Phychariatrist and I'm still seeing the School Counselor due to minor emotional problems that often come here and there. I was offered to take pills to take car eof my little problems but I didn't take them. I was offered two different pills, Anti Depressant and Anti Axienty pills. Yea, also I don't really like anything. Exactly how it sounds like. Everything to me is mostly Grey or Dark. Grey = No Opinion Dark = Hate it/him/her/etc...That's how I view the world around me. I also prefer not to eat =0P It's not that I hate food, it's just that I don't wanna get fat or anything even thought I'm really underweighted for my height. 6"2 or something like that and less then 120 lbs. I'm way to scrawny Razz
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Hey there, Shourisha's here :P
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