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 Vizard Registration: Giotto(Challenging for Leader)

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PostSubject: Vizard Registration: Giotto(Challenging for Leader)   Vizard Registration: Giotto(Challenging for Leader) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 4:15 am

Basic Character Info

Actually Name: James Swift

New Name: Giotto de Magisteria Cartamuanda

Rank: Elite

Actual Age: 1000

Visual Age: 19 or 20

Gender: Male

Giotto is rather calm, relaxed, and collect in his state of mind, but he is rather cocky. Giotto flirts with about every girl he can get his hands on, or lay eyes on for that matter. So, he usually goes for the girls he can't have. He has that bad guy or person aura. He uaually gets what he wants from the girl of his chooses, but leaves her in the dust to think about her cheating life. So, some call him a heart breaker. Others call him a misunderstood man and a damn sexy one at that. Yet, when he fights he losses all fun, nice, and other happy traits about him. He basically get compeltely serious and fights full out no matter what the fight is over. So, he is basically called a devil when i battle, but other then that he is a really unique guy.

Ex-Division: 4th Captain/2nd Captain


(This piece is optional)

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Deep Pink

Weight: 200

Height: 6'0


Specialties: Flirting with the Ladies(seduction basically)

Human Life
James was born in Northern Italy, but his mother died during child birth. So, he was left with his Father and brother. His father was a famous doctor and wanted James to follow in his foot steps. James of course did. He graduated High school with a 4.0 grade point average, and became a doctor in no time. He soon became a Famous world-wide doctor that traveled the world. YEt, one day he was flying to american when his plane crashed and he was killed.

Rebirth into S.S.
James woke up in the middle of a huge forest with no one around him. He couldn't believe he lived through that terrible crash, but what he didn't know was that he was in the Soul Society. James was still wearing his custom-made suit, but he did have was a weird sword with him. He soon became to explore this world he was in. He soon upon the outside of the Seiretei with hundreds of Soul reapers hanging outside. They saw his zanapkuto and quickl rshed him to the nearest captain. The captain quickly told James everyting that had happened. James quickly asked if he could join the Shinigami School, and the captain introduced him and he was enrolled. James quickly flew through the Shinigami school and became apart of the FOurth Divison due to his Medical Background.

Gaining a Squad
James quickly became Lt. in the fourth divison squad after gaining Shikai, which wasn't that difficult, but his blade wasn't a healing type. So, James was being order to train more in Healing kidou. So, he did. The captaon of the Fourth Divison soon died and James was put up for Captain. He was awarded the spot by the Captain-Commander of that time, which was Takashi Kiwamura, or Valen to freinds. They became good freinds over James time as Fourth Divison captain, but soon something terrible happened.

Soon, James was kidnapped and couldn'tbe found by anyone. He was taken by the 12th divison captain for his experiments with Hollowification. James was soon tortured by numerous experiments and studies. He was kept in a backroom where the captain could do numerous tests without anyone bothering him, but soon that captain died in a attack. James was left in the room for about a week. When they finally found him. He didn't have his zanpakuto and he was going crazy. He gave himself a new name and last name, that came from his favorite series, and became Giotto de Cartamuanda Magisteria. Giotto was held in the Fourth divisons HQ being healed and such. Yet, he soon wanted a transfer to another divison. Valen gave him his wish and he was moved to the 2nd divison.

New Squad
Giotto soon recovered from his time away, adn was ok'd to go back into active duty. he soon joined the 2nd divison after masterig a new fighting style he created from not having his zanpakuto. The style involved Scalpels. Yet, he soon became Lt. of the 2nd divison and asked the 12th divison captain to run some tests on him to see what happened to his zanpakuto. They found out that Giotto was fused with his blade, and he needed to find his Spirit again to reactivate it. So, he soon begant o try to gain his Bankai back, and he succeed and became Squad 2 captain. Yet, something was growing inside of him that was completely hollow and he didn't know what. So, he left the S.S. right after Valen did.

Giotto came across an hidden cave in a forst. he began to train there as he tried to find a way to tame his inner hollow, but he simply wouldn't go down. So, Giotto entered his Inner world and fought the terrible inner hollow. Then, everything else is explained. He won over his inner hollow in an hour in ten minutes by himself. When, he awoke he had destoried most fo the cave, and was extremely tone up. So, Giotto had to go buy new clothes along with beginninghis training to control his hollow mask. When, training his hollow mask he found out that he gained anoter ability while the mask was donned. This ability was telekinesis much like the Psychokinesis of his Zanpakuto. So, he began to trian harder and he soon mastered his hollow mask.

After, Giotto hollowified, he began to travel the world seeking more knowledge of his power and abilities. Soon, he grew in power and abilities, and began to take on holows and arrancar alike. Yet, every now and again a Shinigami would come to find him taking care of a hollow and attack. He would simply defeat and kill them. Soon, he grew annoyed with allt he attacks so he searched for more like him.

Finding and Joining the Vizard
Giotto searched for years trying to find others like him,a nd when he finally did. He found out that more were dieing and more might still be out there. Giotto was kinda annoyed that he still didn't have a good person to tell him what his true abilities are and why he was choose to have them, but yet the story only begins there.

Picture of Character:
Giotto is 6'0 tall with a fighters built. He weights about 195lbs. give or take a few pounds. He has wierd colored eyes, which are a Deep Pink in color. Giotto's hair was a pure white color that would match the color of freshly fallen snow, but he dressed like he was stuck up or something. He wore a dark crimson red color that could match the color of Blood easily. He wears black as night jeans with a black as night fur leather jacket aswell, but doesn't wear shoes or socks.(Because he is one of those Mother Earth lovers) Also, Giotto wears black leather gloves. Yet, the one thing that can't be seen on his body is the numerous scalpels he has hidden on it.

Sample Chapter:

Zanpakutō Information

Name: Gasagasa Kaze[Rustling Breeze]

Kaze is a young man of 17 or 18 with black as night hair. He has perfectly toned skin and beautiful black eyes. He wears no shoes like Giotto, and his shirt and pants are both made of black silk. He is built like a runner and fights perfectly with his blade. He carrys his blade in his right hand i its sheathe.

Release Phrase: Let the Wind be Free, Gasagasa Kaze!

Family: Wind/Psychokinesis

Level: ~Fused Bankai~

Sealed Zanpaktou:
-Zanpakuto(Before Fusion):
Kaze is a Normal Styled Katana that is normal lenght. The Hilt is Pure White with light green wind patterns going all around it. The blade is nothing special and the Sheathe is pure white also with light green wind patterns growing all around it.

-Zanpakuto(After Fusion):
No really look it is Basically Giotto's body.

Zanpakuto(Before Fusion):
Once, the release phrase is spoken the katana begins to glow a bright light green color. Then, the light will engulf Giotto with his blade. Once, the light disappears Giotto's katana is now a twin pair of Wakizashi's. The Wakizashi are basically the same in every way. The Sheathe and Hilt are pure white with little less light green wind patterns on them. The blades ae slightly longer then normal Wakizashi blades. The normal blades are usually around 30 and 60 centimetres (12 and 24 in), but Giotto's are excatly 30 in.s long.

Zanpakuto(After Fusion):
After, Giotto says the Release phrase his body begins to glow a bright green color. Then, black tribal tattoos that looks like wind is blowing on his body. The Tattoo's cover his whole body up to his neck. Yet, the once the zanapkuto is released a gentle breeze is release into the area. THe breeze stays active until the Zanapkuto is sealed.

Shikai Ability:
Once, Kaze is released in Shikai he feels the area with a breeze that is used for his techniques and such. Kaze has only one ability in his Shikai release that ability is aerokinesis, which is the control, creation, and manipulation of the Family Wind(air). Yet, at the level of Shikai Giotto's control, and manipulation of the Element is rather weak. He can still control it to a degree, but he doesn't have full control over it yet. He can make very small tornados, but can't make Hurricanes and such. Kaze's element noly deals with things dealling directly with Air(Wind).

In Bankai, Giotto's outfit is the only thing that changes. He losses his Blood Red short sleeve shirt and fur jacket along with his jeans. Yet, he only gains pants back, but the pants are black silk like his Zanapkuto's spirits. Giotto's black wind tribal tattoos still cover his whole body from his neck down to his ankles.

Bankai Ability:
Kaze's bankai is a mixture of both of his families. Kaze cans full Aerokinesis, which menas he can create tornados to Hado 58 level, but nothing more. He can control wind directly around him, like arms reach all around his body, but at this level also. Giotto can create Razor Wind Wire from twisting Wind together to create a Light green sharp wire that is made of wind. Then, Kaze other family, Psychokinesis, is introduced at this level. Psychokinesis is basically Telekinetic powers like moving or distorting physical objects, or speaking telepathically to an ally. Giotto uses this family to control his Scalpels with. Giotto basicallys controls Wind(Air) and his Scalpels like Kuchiki does with his petals. Yet, Giotto losses his accuracy as the Scalpels get father away from his body. he can send them on a planned course, but after they leave his personal bubble(arms length all around his body) the Scalpels fly on there own. So, they can't be moved to hit someone they have missed, but that is why Giiotto created the Wind Wire. he uses the wind wire to pull the Scalpels back to him after he throws them. The limit on the Psychokinesis's moving and distorting objects is that they can't be living objects only nonliving objects.

~Wind Movement[Shikai/Bankai]~
Once, Giotto has his Shikai or Bankai released he can basically turn himself into wind for outside of battle movement only. Once, he gets to his location he can easily turn back into human. The Wind is only used for Location to location inside of the S.S., H.M., or Karakura Town. Yet, this technique is used only for Outside battle movement.
Cooldown: Each Use there is a three post cooldown
Limitations: Outside of battle only.

~Wind Wire[Shikai/Bankai]~
Once, Giotto has released his Zanapkuto he can swirl the wind together to create razor shrap wire that is seenable. The Razor Wire gives off a slight light green glow when used, and can used for anything Giotto wants it to be used for. He can attached it to the end of his Scalpels so he can easily pull them back to him. The wind wire can be used for attacking methods like cutting the enemy with the wire and much worse things if Giotto plans things out.
Duration: Razor wire lasts for 5 posts
Limit to number: Only five lines of Razor wire can be created and used at ta time.
Cooldown: 10 posts

~Atmospheric Pressure[Shikai/Bankai]~
Since, Kaze/Giotto controls Wind/Air with his ability. He can increase or decrease the Atmospheric Pressure on anyone within the area they are fighting in. Giotto has used this ability to increase his speed by alway having the Atmospheric Pressure around him at a very high level with the extra weight or force on his body. He has to adapt to the increased pressure. So, when Kaze/Giotto releases the ability he is faster, lighter, and his speed is increased. yet, this technique is used for most increasing the pressure on the enemy in the areafor harder movement within the area.
Increased Prssure on himself= Duration, None/ Cooldown, None.
Decreasd Pressure on himself= Duration, 4-5 posts/ Cooldown, 10 posts.
Increaed Pressure on Opponent= Duration, 4-5 posts/ Cooldown, 12 posts.
Decreased Pressure on Opponent= Duration, 4-5 posts/ Cooldown, 12 posts

~Wind Push[Shikai/Bankai]~
Giotto can focus wind to his palm and fire it out as a condensed shot of air at the enemy. The shot of air can break bones or even causes fractures if hit. The shot of air can also be used for a piercing shots. Giotto can put a spin on the air and make it kinda like a drill and make it actually pierce the flash of the enemy. The Air shot can't be controlled after it leaves Giotto's personal bubble, but the speed of the attack is greater then an Espada's bala.
Cooldown: 5 posts

~Wind Sensory[Shikai/Bankai]~
Giotto closes his eyes and focuses on the air(wind) around him. He infuses the air around him to a point where he can feel attacks that enter his Personal Bubble and even a little farther out. The Wind Sensory technique can only be used with Giotto's eyes closed. This technique increases Giotto's Reactio time by a wole lot, but it is very exhausting. So, it can only be held for a very short time.
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 10 posts

Hollow Mask

Name: Kojirou

Kojirou is a young boy about 14 or 15 in age. He is average buil with white hair and Bright Gold eyes. He is 5'6 and weights 145 pounds. He appearsin a amazing custom-made suit with a rind and some ear rings on him. Kojirou's suit jacket and pants are completely black along ith his shoes, but his undershirt is a dark purple and he wears a dark blue tie.

Well, I'm giving up the other two abilities just to have one major one.

~Telekinesis: Moving objects with the mind. The Object has to be inanimate, Nonliving, and Giotto can noly control theses objects with his mind while his masked is donned.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Duration/Cooldown: 8 posts active; 10 post cooldown
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Vizard Registration: Giotto(Challenging for Leader) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vizard Registration: Giotto(Challenging for Leader)   Vizard Registration: Giotto(Challenging for Leader) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 11:50 am

Vizard must be done IC

Vizard Registration: Giotto(Challenging for Leader) 208jo1j
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Vizard Registration: Giotto(Challenging for Leader)
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