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 Just another day

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PostSubject: Just another day   Just another day I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 31, 2009 3:00 pm

It was a dark cold night in the peaceful town of Karakura, nobody was out of their homes and no lights were on. It appeared as if everybody went to sleep in this never changing town. Shourisha was there laying on the grass while chewing something in his mouth a wheat stalk. He was laying on grass that was cold and somewhat felt sharped, all he was doing was looking up at the sky while he kept on chewing on that wheat stalk. Was this town ever peaceful? Zenpyou thought to himself as he enjoyed the quietness of the town while he kept on looking at the sky. Counting the stars, making constellations and even to look at the clouds forms and making them out. He liked it. Shourisha continued to lay there letting time pass into his seemingly immortality as a Shinigami, he was here due that he thought his body was worn out from training. He could see Hollows were forming and coming out of dark portals into Karakura Town however he knew that they wouldn't bother him seeing as his Reaitsu were scaring them off. The soft wind suddenly blew a lot more in force and thus the wheat stalk in his mouth had flown away, in a way Shourisha wanted to chase after that wheat stalk as he felt that the wind was mocking him somewhat but he liked how everything was at this time of night and place. So he just continued to lay there never changing the position that he was laying like, all he wanted to do now was go to sleep as his wheat stalk wasn't there distracting him anymore. He started to dream as the wind quieted down and blew gently once more. Sleeping for him was especially easy for him like this, where its cold and there's soft wind blowing unto him and the aroma of flowers that were around him. He fell into deep sleep, dreaming about nothing important really. Just how it would actually be like if he was a Arrancar, would his life be easier or more complicated? Things that he would never know as fate steered him towards the path of the Shinigami. He often imagined him being a Arrancar always battling others, and often he thought of himself as a low ranked Arrancar always taking orders he didn't like. But he suddenly dreamed of himself being a human. A Human not having much trouble with his own life but one that had it very easy. Going to school, playing games and so, it was a peaceful dream of him like that. Always laughing and smiling like that with more people. Suddenly he woke up, jumping to his feet as he woken up as he had heard some noise.
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Just another day
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