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PostSubject: Undergrowth[Open]   Undergrowth[Open] I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 12:34 am

[OOC: A classic]

Cocaine stepped down from the steps with a quick glance looking back at the enormous complex behind him. He smiled at the actions he took place as well as the others that joined him in the place. He thought of the things that happened and what they said <<It's only natural....>> Walking past the block, not before locking the front door. Cocaine had something to do. The picture was on his mind but the action might not be the due. Cocaine's roulette perked up form his boredom and he began to run down to the next black.

His convenience store, a failed project that went bankruptcy from the crumbling economy. He walked into the repossessed store and acquired some goods. The reishi particles of a shinigami and Quincy. He recalled on Soakudo's memories and thought for their names....<<Viento and.....Victor. Hm. The shinigami is dead, tssk.>> Cocaine's lip curled. Not sure if his plan would completely work, he put the reishi remains in a special test tube. His Hachiwara, Soakudo's latest piece of equipment now growing unfavorable. Now extracted and strapped to his own back, Cocaine exited the store. Leaving with some nourishment and some spare soul particle of his Biito gatherers.

Cocaine walked down the streets, tubes tightly held in his fingers. Thinking of what the old Cocaine what of done. Denying the fact that he still indeed is weak, unbeknown to Soakudo who constantly reminds him of his held out powers. Cocaine laughed to himself watching the white snowflakes fall down. He scowled. The white substance, root of all evil. Thinking back to a man named Tenkaze, Cocaine laughs as he remembered himself pathetically trying to stand his ground and he fell onto his face. Turning over while he faced up Cocaine found himself laying in an alley behind his re-possessed store. Hours trudged the supernatural town slowly and snow piled up covering Cocaine in their. bystanders came by looking at the man wondering whats wrong with the person. "Is he dead?" Asked one mother. " The idiot froze to death. Hea!" came from the voice one teenager. Murmurs prompted to build and Cocaine soon bolted awake. He snapped up and turned around, the teenager quickly fled the vicinity in fear and the middle aged women stood there scared out of her mind. Knees trembling with a look of horror locked onto her face. Cocaine quickly grabbed the woman's sweater collar dragging her along the snow and went into the shop, her struggles and frantic calls for help fell on no ones ears.

Her kicks screams reign rampant and Cocaine saw the signal lights fly about. The teenager riding in one of the police squad cars. Must have called the 5-0. Pulling a switch behind the shop, Cocaine activated the immediate self-destruction module. Cocaine dropped in a tube along with the woman and the shop blew up into huge explosion due to the 1 ton of C3 that was in place. The Police officers stopped abruptly, crashing into streetlights and signs along with other debris or bystanders that happened to be in the way from the long drawn out explosion that occurred right in front of them. The Police officer comforted the crying teenager over the lost of his mother and labeled the incident as a gas leak with two lost lives.

In a dark watery area two bodies floated in a little puddle. From the puddle a being emerged and dragged the two bodied through a tunnel. The walked through and threw the bodies on a cot and turned out a switch to reveal his face to be the one of Cocaine's doll, Soakudo. The dimly lit area was so dull and obscure. Its cold reign and its malicious atmosphere appeared to be one that was only used for the steepest and most forbidden areas to practice. Many would call it a hell hole or "frightening" to many should who decided to look at it. Cocaine sat up with a sigh. <<You couldn't just let me rest could you?>> Soakudo disappeared with a frown and the woman got up slowly looking around fearfully. "Dear god where am I? I know my right-" Cocaine backhanded the woman, subsequently shutting her up as she fell off the cot. Cocaine pulled the woman by her hair, with her yelling and protestant calls, he dragged her onto a steel table. With a syringe he injected a orange liquid inside of her. To much avail to her screams.

Cocaine watched as she struggled for half an hour. Her screams turned to wails and wails to shouts of jolting pain and silent crying. The woman prompted to fully claw out her own throat preaching to Cocaine to rid her of the "worms" and "Oyashiro-sama". Her blood flowed freely and her
high pitched screams fell silent...the woman hunched over and crunched, her physical existence ending and her soul ejected crying over her situation still unknown that she died. Cocaine smiled and shoved the body off the table, with her soul chain still connected. Cocaine put sekiseki restraints on the woman holding her down to the table. Cocaine took out a scalpel and another gray colored syringe and injected the materials in the woman's neck; using his scalpel he cut down slowly across her chest.
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