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PostSubject: Haven RP   Haven RP I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 11, 2009 9:26 am

Haven RP Havenrpsig

Welcome to the Haven Rp, this is a forum based Rp with a really worked game play system. That makes it real fun to have a forum Rp again, with a storyline built from the ground up, not based of a anime or another story, a cool interactive mapping system, and unqiue character setup. Your in for 1 heck of a ride if you choose to get abord, so come and try it out as we are a new site ready to rumble.

We are a new site just open so you might think we aint active enough, but look at it this way if you wish to join and make a character to play with. I can say full of confidence that you can get in a game as me and a few dedicated friends are active to start te site up, and how fun is it to be in on a new site rom the start. All i got to say is just give it a go before you pass judgement on it.
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Haven RP
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