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 Merry Christmas =3

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Kozakura Miyazaki

Kozakura Miyazaki

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Merry Christmas =3 Empty
PostSubject: Merry Christmas =3   Merry Christmas =3 I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 6:08 pm

Name: Madriguera - Rabbit Hole

State: Released

Description: This cero was developed by Koza in her released form. She will form several baseball sized voids around her opponent, and one directly in front of her. Then, she will launch a white cero into the void in front of her, which will then fire out in condensed, more powerful, beams through the voids around her opponent. This will create a small but powerful explosion within the area within the ring of voids, the damage will be contained within this area, meaning that the only one who can be damaged by this is someone within the range of the voids. Since this attack isn't instantaneous, it requires the opponent to be slowed, paralysed, or otherwise incapable to dodge the attack to be completely successful. However, if the opponent dodges the attack she can release the voids that are containing the explosion, to increase its range three-fold, while decreasing its power to that of a regular cero.

Cool Down: 8 posts

Limit: Twice per battle
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Merry Christmas =3
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