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 Ryusuke Korai, God of Flash[PRIVATE]W.I.P.

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Ryusuke Korai

Ryusuke Korai

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Ryusuke Korai, God of Flash[PRIVATE]W.I.P. Empty
PostSubject: Ryusuke Korai, God of Flash[PRIVATE]W.I.P.   Ryusuke Korai, God of Flash[PRIVATE]W.I.P. I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 23, 2010 10:50 am

Basic Character Info

Name: Ryusuke Korai

Age:2250 years

Visual Age: 22.5 years.

Gender: Male

Division: 10th Division



Background/RP Sample


RP Sample:

Zanpakutō Information

Name: Yaiba no Fuzei

Release Phrase: Whisper, Yaiba no Fuzei

Element/Family: Wind.


Sealed Zanpakuto:


Shikai Ability:Gives Ryu a boost to his Shunpo Abilities, allowing him to reach speeds that match that of Sonido, as well as the Ability to Control The Air in his immediate vicinity(effect range of control, 10 feet from Ryu in every direction) which he calls an "Air Bubble", allowing him to change Many aspects of the air around him with a simple thought.
Note: He CANNOT Kill anyone with air pressure or stuff like that. he can only slow them down, seeing as anythign he does to the air around them effects him as well.

[Bankai applies only for Captains, Advanced Vice Captains and Elite Vaizards]

Bankai: Same as Shikai, but the sword is now made of pure air, and can be changed to fit Ryu's needs.

Bankai Ability: Has the Ability to Change shape, due to it being made of pure air, as well as giving Ryu Another Increase to His speed to that of unimaginable levels, allowing him to move form one spot to anther almost instantly. Ryu ALso Gains a Greater range of Control over the Air around Him,(new Range of Control 25 Feet.) and all of his Techniques become more powerful.


Name:Air Burst.
Ability:Fires a massive blast of air form Ryu's sword, slamming into his opponent at speeds up to 600 M.P.H. Effective Range, 25 feet, not including Ryu's Air Bubble. Can also be combined with numerous other objects to form a ball of fire. Size of blast is about 3 feet in diameter, when in it stanard form, alothough this can be changed depending on how ryu wishes it to look, but the basic attack is the same.
Duration:1 Post.
Cooldown: 0 Posts.

Name:Air Armor
Ability: Ryu Condenses his Ar Bubble so much that it forms around his, acting like a suit of perfectly made armor. INcreases damage Ryu Does, as well as Damage Done to Ryu (due to there being no friction around his body) at a constant of about 25%, as well as giving him a near frictionless enviorment with which to move in, giving him a slight boost in speed.
Duration:4 Posts.
Cooldown:Can only be used once.

Name:Air Canon
Ability: A More powerful version of Air Burst, the blast is about 10 feet wide in its standard form, and moves at around 1200 M.P.H. has the same effects as Air Burst, including the ability to be "molded" by Ryu inot any shape possible.
Duration:1 Post.

Name:Supreme Air Armor
Ability:Exctly like that of Air armor, but Increases damage done by and done to Ryu By a larger Margin, about 50%, as well as increase his speed drastically.
Duration:4 Posts.
Cooldown:8 Posts.
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Ryusuke Korai, God of Flash[PRIVATE]W.I.P.
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