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 Bleach Dynasty : The new era of bleach

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Bleach Dynasty : The new era of bleach Empty
PostSubject: Bleach Dynasty : The new era of bleach   Bleach Dynasty : The new era of bleach I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 21, 2010 4:17 am

Bleach dynasty is a non canon bleach RPG with constant plot changes every-month or so.

Bleach Dynasty : The new era of bleach 35b6zr9


Link: http://www.bleachdynasty.com/forum.htm


Bleach Dynasty : The new era of bleach 30xahhi

Are you prepared... To face your greatest fears?
{a mission brought to you only by bleachdynasty.com}

Several hundred years into the future, Hueco Mundo has completely fallen into the hands of the shinigami rebels, the Anarchists, thus leaving them homeless leaving them to wonder around the world of the living.

But this chapter in history greatly disrupted the balance of both worlds to the extent of almost ending the existence of life it self.

And so a treaty was made with the hollows, creating a new world for them to live within to restore the balance in all worlds.

But several years after its creation, it vanished, living no trace of existence. Believing its a form of rebellion, Gotei 13 sent a group of high level shinigami's to look for this new world which they called the ark.

After years of searching, they were able to find the ark. Finding the ark was a big mistake, what happened after was the bigger one.

Hollow Slaughter

Many hollows were killed that day, but strange as it may have seemed, it didnt matter how much they killed, so it seemed, the so called balance, was no longer an issue.

Oh was the god's smiling over them, the superior race, the one that should remain. The making of a history, but was it tampered with?

Or was the balance the joke?

So it happened, every last bit of the hollow race was slaughtered, and no one survived. No one.

The Ark was sealed and was hidden somewhere far away so that no one could ever use it again, how ever, the question still remains.

It might not occur to anyone for the time being, but what will this hollow slaughter bring in the future?

Ah yes, God's smile will still be sweet... But for how long will he spare you till another superior race appears?

For some reason, Hollows still ceased to exist, but didn't effect the balance non the less, the others know nothing of this, but the ones who were there that day knew.

The hollows... are no longer a living race.

Important RPG Links:

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Old world

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Bleach Dynasty : The new era of bleach
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